Legal Basis


Legal Basis

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Official travel according to the law carried out by employees of an agency or institution or company is actually not done without a clear basis. In the country, there is also a legal basis governing official travel that will be carried out by employees with the approval of the company’s leadership. Likewise, official trips were undertaken by agencies related to the country, for example, SOEs. In this case, official travel is supposed to fulfill several principles of implementation of the trip.

For example selective with official travel can only be done in the interests of a very high and for the interests that have been prioritized relating to the administration of government. Business trips can also be run according to budget availability. In addition, the official travel that was carried out should have been carried out to match the performance achievements. The trip should also prioritize efficiency with the use of the state budget or related company budget. The last principle is that travel within the framework of official implementation should pay attention to the accountability of issuing orders for official travel. Meanwhile, transportation costs while traveling are supposed to be the responsibility of the company. Costs that are the responsibility of the company also include daily costs and lodging costs and representative money.

Domestic Service Travel
What is meant by domestic official travel is a trip out of the place of domicile either individually or together with a distance of at least 5 km from the city limits? This official trip was carried out with the destination still within the territory of Indonesia. This type of service should also be carried out with the aim of the company’s interests. For BUMN or service agencies related to the government, official travel of employees must be carried out with the aim of the interests of the country.

As for private agencies, the assignment of these services should be carried out with the aim of the company’s interests. Assignments to carry out service should also be carried out on the orders of the authorized officials or orders from the leadership of the company. Even to do an official service, a letter of assignment is required as an introduction, which is nothing but a sign that your trip is in accordance with orders from your boss. Which basically is done with the aim of mutual interest.

Foreign Service Travel
Similar to domestic official travel, foreign official travel also means a trip that is carried out either individually or collectively for the benefit of official or state or for the interests of the relevant company. The difference is that this official trip aims to areas outside Indonesia. It should be noted that even if you are on an official business trip abroad, this does not mean that the trip you are doing is just for fun. There are tasks that must be done while you are involved in overseas service and these tasks must be completed while you are in the destination area of ​​your official trip.

Generally in carrying out service abroad need an essential decision from the company’s leader. Given the costs required are quite large and could be absorbing the company’s financial budget. Therefore this type of service is not given away without a clear basis and reasons. Not to mention that according to the law there is compensation that must and must be given to the implementing agency later. So companies need to make maximum preparations to send employees to do service abroad.


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