6 Advantages of Online Banners


6 Advantages of Online Banners

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Online banners are part of an online advertising system. As we all understand that banners are a visual form of advertising. The use of banners is preferred by the viewers or the target ad. This is because images make the visualization of ideas or ideas that the company wants to convey become more real.

As the saying goes, 1 picture can speak more than 1000 words. The advantages of banners are like that. At present, banners are no longer just conventional in form for display in one particular place. There are also online banners that can be copied, pasted and shared digitally. This type of banner has several advantages compared to conventional banners

At least, there are 7 advantages of online banners compared to conventional banners. The seven advantages are as follows.

1. Fast and Cheap Installation
The entrepreneurs usually understand, that to put up banners in public spaces can require substantial costs. This fee is paid to parties who have authority over the location of the banner installation. If the banner is installed in a wide public place and can be seen by many people, it certainly requires a large fee.

We take the example of the installation of banners and billboards in DKI Jakarta in 2019. Costs to be paid as local taxes reach Rp 125,000 per meter per day. This fee can differ depending on which way the banner and billboard are installed. If the installation is carried out for a year, the amount of tax can reach tens or even hundreds of millions for 1 ad.

That’s just from the tax costs, not yet from the materials and manufacturing power. Not to mention if the installation is not only at one point, but at several points. What is the total cost that companies must incur for advertising? Certainly very big.

Conversely, with online banners, these costs will be saved significantly. Because in terms of manufacturing, online banners do not need to be printed. The design only needs to be made once at the start. Then to be duplicated, no cost at all, just click. So the making is very fast and inexpensive.

In addition, online banners can be installed on well-known sites with advertising costs that are not as expensive as conventional banners. Or, it can also be used for targeted advertising material through social media or search engines. Thus in terms of installation also does not require too much money.

2. Easily Modified or Disassembled
When companies put up conventional banners, the process will take a while. Starting from the design process, printing, licensing, to installation. The time period can be in a matter of days, weeks or months so that the results are satisfactory.

The problem is, when the company then wants to hold and inform a new promo, the process returns to old. He will repeat the process from the beginning. The time period is not much different. Of course, this will hamper the company’s speed in acquiring the market. Which ultimately makes competitors even more fluttering.

In contrast to online banners, the entire process is very short. It only takes a few days. Licensing also doesn’t need to be complicated, just by having a site or online advertising agency service provider. Thus, the company’s speed in entering the market can be faster. The company will not be competed by competitors.

3. Reach the Maximum Buyer with a Minimum Cost
Another advantage of online banners is its wide and wide reach. No matter where it comes from, as long as you visit the page, ads will be shown to visitors to the site. This makes online advertising like this have a very broad reach. Even though foreign.

Unlike when companies put up conventional banners for promotion, their scope is only around the installation site. As for people who do not pass through the place, will never know the offer. This locality certainly makes company advertising not have the widest range of online advertising.


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