Targeting Prospective Customers


Targeting Prospective Customers

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In the world of marketing, the specificity of the targeted target market plays an important role. The more specific the target market, the easier the sale is made. Likewise with the advertisement problem, the more the fish are exposed to specific targets, the lower the costs, and the more effective the ads are.

Conventional banners do not have these advantages. It does not have the ability to distinguish between customers who need, or who do not. Likewise, the interests of customers, completely unexpected. The only reference is the estimated number of people who pass through the lane.

Meanwhile, for online banners, advertisers have the freedom to direct ads to be seen by certain target markets. Through social media, advertisers can target the age, location, to the interests of potential customers. Whereas through search engines, advertisers can target people who really are in need of these products or services.

Targeting All Sense
One that affects information retention is the number of senses used to capture that information. Conventional banners only have the ability to target one senses, which is vision. Therefore, its effectiveness is relatively lower compared to online banners.

The reason is that online advertising has the ability to combine all the main human modalities: vision, hearing, and motion. Advertising through video, for example, is able to activate the customer’s eyes, ears, and fingers. The principle of information retention, the more modalities involved, the more easily captured and remembered information.

Therefore, using online banners will be more striking than conventional banners

Its effectiveness can be measured easily
When installing banners online, advertisers will be faced with problems analyzing the results of advertisements. Because, there are no measurable reports that accurately describe the results of these advertisements. Maybe there really is an increase in sales. However, it is also uncertain whether the results of placing banners in that place, or other places.

Unlike using online banners. The ad service providers usually always provide data about the number of visitors, the number of ad views, to the incoming leads. The tingal is calculated how much the cost is spent with the number of leads that enter. From there it will be known how high the effectiveness of the ad.

When an advertiser finds the ad to be less effective, he can change his ad. From bidding, to banner design, to copywriting, everything can be changed and installed quickly. If it turns out to be effective, but sales have not been satisfactory, it means the problem is not in advertising, but in the conversion. The company only has to work to increase the conversion of these leads to sales.


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