Providing Education and Training


Providing Education and Training

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Among all divisions, this division must have the largest education and training budget. Of course, because its function is very vital for the company. As the most decisive division for the ups and downs of the company, it’s only natural to get the largest education and training budget.

This education and training is not only related to technical aspects, but also places a mental focus. Therefore, in addition to getting practical technical marketing education, the team is also required to receive mental training to be strong under pressure.

Hold Rewards and Punishment
Although in psychological theory, this is not the best form of motivation, but in practice, it remains a mainstay. Rewards or rewards are given to team members who are able to exceed the optimal target. Whereas punishment is imposed on team members who are unable to reach the minimum target.

Generally in the world of marketing, rewards are given in the form of bonuses or commissions as a percentage of turnover. This is what causes the marketing division to become a sexy division, although full of challenges. The amount of bonuses and commissions is even able to exceed the salaries of middle-level managers in the company.

Even so, it needs to be understood that not all rewards and punishments must be in financial form. Rewards do not have to be money, and punishment does not have to be salary deductions. There are simple methods such as praise, pin, or title as a reward. Likewise there is an embarrassing attempt as punishment. Depending on how creative the marketing manager is.

Hold a Joint Discussion
In a team, there must be certain people who stand out because they are able to do more than others. This also applies to the marketing team. There must be brilliant individuals who are able to exceed marketing targets many times over. People like this should be a benchmark and role model for other members.

Therefore, the company needs to hold a sharing session or internal discussion with the marketing team. In this event, the brilliant individual can describe what the process is like. From here the others can learn to do the same thing in order to achieve the optimal targets.

However, the best step is actually to create a new standard operating procedure, with input from the individual. From there, this SOP must be distributed and practiced in ways that can be measured. In this way, the target can be achieved and increased from time to time, which will ultimately benefit the company.

Building Integrated Integrated Marketing Data
A problem that still often occurs in the marketing division is the absence of integrated and integrated data. So, when there are members of the marketing team who are out for various reasons, making the marketing area empty. Because the data area is in these members.

For that, the company needs to create a system that archives all data in this division in an integrated and integrated manner. Thus, no matter who and where, the results can still be good because the system is running well. This is also useful for reducing dependence on certain individuals.

In addition, this data is also useful when marketing managers hold area rotation programs. The program has many benefits, including so that the level of marketing in all regions can be equally high. Because marketing work is basically teamwork, not a one-man show.


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