7 Ways to Increase Employee Resilience


7 Ways to Increase Employee Resilience

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Employee resilience is often associated with performance and productivity. Many academic studies related to human resources that explore the problem. This is because resilience is indeed a form of strength that everyone needs. So what exactly is resilience, and how to apply this knowledge for the benefit of the company?

Know Resilience
Resilience is the ability to adapt, stay firm in difficult situations, and keep trying to find a way out of a problem. To put it simply, resilience is one’s tenacity and firmness. This resilience is needed by everyone because it will be a source of strength that makes it able to survive in any condition.

If we analyze, resilience is built from 7 different abilities. All these capabilities are related to the internal management of the individual. And, there is hardly an individual who, as a whole, has the seven abilities well.

The seven capabilities that form the basis of resilience are as follows.

1. Self-Efficacy
Another name that is more familiar is confidence. Self-efficacy refers to an individual’s belief in his ability to make an effort or overcome a problem.

2. Emotion Regulation
It is the ability to regulate one’s emotions under any circumstances and however. Emotional regulation enables individuals to remain calm even when under great pressure.

3. Impulse Control
Impulse control refers to the ability of self to regulate the impulses or desires that arise in him. If emotional regulation is a regulatory effect on external stimuli, impulse control is the opposite. He emphasizes more control of internal desires.

4. Analyzing Ability
Another term is the ability to do analysis. Analytical skills refer to the ability of individuals to unravel and analyze components of events or problems, then formulate corrective steps. This skill is something that is formed from continuous education and training.

5. Optimism
It is the ability to keep thinking and have a positive outlook, and to act constructively in any situation. People who are optimistic will never give up and always have positive expectations for the future.

6. Empathy
This term refers to the ability of individuals to feel and and read the psychological and emotional signs of others. Empathy also shows the ability to respond appropriately to the emotions of others.

7. Increasing Positive Aspects
It is the ability to always add positive value in individuals. This will make the individual more realistic and have a better meaning and purpose in life.

Employee resilience means the ability of employees to develop self-resilience in their work environment.


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