5 Skills a Sales Team Must Have


5 Skills a Sales Team Must Have

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The sales team is the spearhead of a company. Their performance will determine directly the company’s profit. Companies that have great sales force will gain huge profits. Therefore, it’s no wonder that many companies dare to spend a lot of money to train a skilled sales team.

To create a great sales team, companies need to train their teams to have certain sales-related skills. There are at least 5 skills that the company sales team must possess.

Small Talk
It is a skill to start a conversation with another person. Small talk is the first skill that must be owned and trained by a salesperson. Because, this is a bridge before you start bidding. Without small talk, potential customers will feel uncomfortable. If the customer is uncomfortable from the start, the possibility of making a sale will be very small.

To start a conversation with a customer, there are at least 4 basic guidelines that can be followed. The basic guidelines are as follows.

1. Start with questions.
Because, most people don’t really like to introduce themselves, but they like to answer. A variation on this is to give praise first, then ask questions. ” Or, “The veil is beautiful, where do you buy it?”

2. Give Open Questions.
Open questions are questions that require explanation. In contrast to closed questions that only require yes or no answers. Examples of closed questions like, “Do you like this?” Whereas examples of open questions like, “What do you like about this item?”

3. Enter Body Gesture in the Talk
Gestur and expression give the impression that you are paying attention seriously. This will make others feel valued. Automatically, the person will give a good response in return.

4. Conversation Material 3F + 1O
Every time you feel stuck in a conversation, try the easy formula 3F + 1O to continue the conversation. 3F = Family (friends), Friends (friends), Favorite (interests, hobbies, likes). 1O = Occupation (work). This way, you won’t run out of conversation material.


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