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Trust will only be built if the two parties have in common. The good news, this similarity can be in any case and can be built up immediately. One way to build common ground quickly is through the Mirroring technique.

Mirroring technique means we mimic the movements of people who are talking to us. The gestures referred to may be very simple such as smoothing hair, rubbing the nose, and the like. By doing this, the customer will unconsciously feel that there are similarities between us and him.

Association with Big Things
This skill is often called borrowing a giant shoulder. Someone who is new to us might not know anything about us. This ignorance will make that person ignore us. To attract their interest and trust, we can use the big brand names that we carry.

Recommendations from Others
This technique is capable of arousing trust in a short, even without us talking. Namely by showing recommendations from others who are trusted by our customers. Moreover, if the person is a public figure. By listening to the experience of others, it will be easy to generate trust from our customers.

Use Peruasive Words
What is meant by persuasive words are sentences that are able to encourage customers to make a purchase. This skill can be upgraded to hypno selling, which is a skill to invite buyers through the subconscious.

Although said to be words, actually hypno selling is a series of processes in building conversation. In the process, hypno selling techniques can be applied. Examples of hypno selling techniques are the Yes-Set Question. Namely, a series of questions whose answer is Yes. From there, subconsciously, it will be easier for us to direct customers to make transactions.

Make an Offer
In making an offer, the sales team also needs to train themselves to make an offer that cannot be rejected. This offer is not by force, but by showing that this is the craziest offer. If you don’t take this offer now, then that person will look very stupid. Moreover, the offer might not be available anymore.

Examples of crazy offers like this include the following.

You buy the house, we give all the equipment. FREE. Only for the first 20 buyers.
Sign up to be an Umrah agent now, only 6 million. FREE family vacation packages to Thailand or Singapore for 4 days 3 nights worth 10 million rupiah. Limited only to this day.

Make copywriting
What is meant by copywriting is a series of sentences, images, videos and others that lure customers to make a purchase. Copywriting is the art of selling through face-to-face, through writing, pictures and videos. This skill is a must for every sales team in the current era of the Internet of Things.

For this reason, each sales team should be equipped with knowledge of internet marketing. Minimum basic knowledge of the most commonly used internet marketing techniques.


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