6 Steps to Conducting an Employee Satisfaction Survey


6 Steps to Conducting an Employee Satisfaction Survey

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The employee satisfaction survey is a company’s effort to measure the level of satisfaction with their work. Satisfied employees will have a positive impact on the company. To find this out, companies need to conduct regular surveys. This survey, of course, must be arranged in order to explore the information the company needs.

Benefits of an Employee Satisfaction Survey
The results of this survey are very important, both for companies and employees. By knowing what employees want, the company can take policies to improve employee satisfaction. In the end, this also has a good impact on the work environment of the employee.

Benefits of the Employee Satisfaction Survey are as follows.

Improve the company’s good name in the eyes of employees.
As a basis for making company policies related to creating a conducive work environment.
Detecting the possibility of conflict that starts from dissatisfaction early on.
Improve employee performance and loyalty to the company.
As material for reports to superiors, investors, and related institutions.

Steps for Compiling an Employee Satisfaction Survey
To ensure that the survey conducted by the company is effective in gathering information, there are 7 steps that must be done.

1. Determine the Variables to be Surveyed
Broadly speaking, there are 4 aspects that need to be surveyed by the company regarding employee satisfaction. The four aspects include:

Employee satisfaction with work. This relates to job descriptions, compatibility with interests, talents, and skills. It can also match the description with the reality that is done, as well as the workload that employees bear.
Employee satisfaction with the work environment. This work environment means broad, both physical and non-physical. Physical environment such as equipment and spatial planning. Non-physical environment such as work atmosphere, relationships between co-workers, and so on.
Employee satisfaction with superiors. This relates to the leadership style in the company.
Employee satisfaction with company policy. This includes shifting work, remuneration, and benefits from the company.

Make a Survey Question List
The list of questions in the employee satisfaction survey must describe 4 aspects discussed previously. To describe it, each aspect must have questions related to indicators on that aspect.

The number of questions in each aspect does not have to be the same, but depends on the complexity of the aspects concerned. For example, in the aspect of employee satisfaction with company policy it may need 8-10 questions because of the breadth of the topic. Meanwhile, in the aspect of satisfaction with superiors, maybe only need 3-4 questions because it is not too broad.

The questions in the survey should be made in the form of closed choices. Each question at least has a scaled variation of answers. For example from very satisfied, satisfied, less satisfied, and not satisfied. This is to facilitate statistical processing.

Except, questions that ask for feedback in the form of criticism or suggestions. Even so, the feedback is better to remain archived according to categories so that it is more easily analyzed and concluded.

In addition, the set of questions may differ depending on the position or department in which it is located. Although, there are also some general questions that are given equally to all employees. This will further enhance the effectiveness of the employee satisfaction survey.


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