Distribute Survey


Distribute Survey

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The list of questions must then be distributed to all employees. Unless the survey is local and incidental. Keep in mind that this stage often becomes complicated and wasteful if done with a conventional system. And this obstacle will continue until the analysis of the survey results.

For this reason, companies should conduct employee satisfaction surveys by utilizing information technology. The digital survey process will save considerable paper usage costs. In addition, the survey results can be analyzed quickly without going through the input process first.

The trick is to make the survey can be done via a computer or smartphone. With an employee number and fingerprint access code, only the person concerned is able to access his account. And, each employee can only do it once. As such, survey accuracy and confidentiality are guaranteed. Employees can also fill out surveys honestly.

Analyzing Survey Results
The survey results will be digitally viewed in realtime and accurately. Thus, the analysis can also be done in real time at the same time. Of course, it requires a little programming to do this. If the company does not have experts, the company can ask for outsourcing services to make the system.

The survey results can then become an important archive of Big Data companies. Reports on employee satisfaction surveys can be the basis for reports to directors or investors. For this reason, it is better if the report is accompanied by a solution or company policy steps to be taken.

Follow Up on Survey Results.
Follow-up on the survey results must be carried out so that the survey is not in vain and only becomes a budget suction. This activity is in the form of company policies related to work, work environment, leadership, and others related to the contents of the survey.

Employees must be informed that the policy is based on survey results. This will give confidence that as an employee, he has an influence on the company. No matter how small or as low as rank. This trust will be the cause of increased employee performance and loyalty.

Conduct repeated and periodic surveys
After implementing policies taken from the survey results, the company needs to monitor for some time. After a certain period of time, the survey can be conducted again to get an opinion about the policy. Thus, each policy will be monitored and evaluated continuously.

For this reason, employee satisfaction surveys should be held regularly and on an ongoing basis. The best time period is per semester or per year. Although, it does not rule out the possibility to hold it incidentally. If the system has been made, to make a digital survey again is not a big problem.

However, it must be realized that the survey should not be done too often. This can distract employees from their main tasks. In addition, to avoid the impression that the company only conducts surveys but the follow-up is zero.


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