7 Ways to Optimize Employees with Different Branches


7 Ways to Optimize Employees with Different Branches

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Different branch employees often have different performance. For companies that have several branches, this is certainly one thing to think about. Especially if the branch experiences a setback. As a result it will become a burden for other companies and branches. For this reason, certain steps need to be taken so that employees in different branches are optimal.

Differences in employee performance are actually something that is common. Not in a different branch, in the same branch even though there are always differences in performance. However, in differences in the performance of different branch employees, often the curve runs very lame. This indicates that something needs to be fixed at the branch.

The discussion of this article mainly aims to optimize employees in all branches of the company. At least, there are 7 ways you can do to optimize different branch employees.

1. Procurement of Employee Satisfaction Survey
People who have stomachaches, will not give a positive reaction if given a headache medicine. Therefore, before giving medication, the authorized doctor needs to make the diagnosis first. Thus, the drugs given can be effective and not even make patients more ill.

Likewise with business, when experiencing problems in business, it needs to be diagnosed first what the cause. When it is related to employee performance, it is necessary to explore what actually happened. Well, employee satisfaction surveys are efforts to understand the location of the problem and establish the diagnosis. Thus, the problem can be overcome effectively.

This survey can indeed be incidental, or held when there are problems. However, it would be better to be held regularly and periodically. The point is to detect the problem before it even occurs. Thus, conflicts and problems can be resolved before he was born.

2. Education and Training for Employees
Often the obstacle to declining employee performance is that they do not master the required skills. Even though in the beginning the employee was able to keep up, along with the rapid development of technology, it could end up being stuck. When the employee is unable to keep up with the changes, he certainly needs help.

Assistance that the company provides can be in the form of education and training for these employees. The goal is of course so that the person concerned can still compete with other branch employees. Or even compete with employees from competing companies. Thus, the performance of different branch employees remains optimal.

3. Holding Outbound Together
Apart from employee incompetence, problems can arise due to lack of good cooperation. This can be exacerbated if the employee is unable to carry out conflict management at work. Therefore, the employee needs help and training to be able to work with other workers. One way is by outbound.

Outbound can encourage employee interaction to take place in a pleasant manner. Familiarity built during outbound is expected to be able to be brought into the world of work. Consciously or not, this intimacy can be intertwined and carried over for a long period of time. Thus, cooperation between employees is expected to increase overall productivity.

4. Conduct a Comparative Study
People usually have difficulty making changes when they are in the same condition for a long time. The reason is because they feel too comfortable that they don’t feel the need to change. His point of view was very limited so he didn’t know what to change, how, and in what direction. As a result, the longer it will be more difficult to bring change to the group.

For this reason, the person’s views and insights must be broadened. So he has a direction and goals to be achieved. By adding a little push and planning steps, change becomes easier to do.

One way to make changes to employees of different branches is to conduct a comparative study. Can also to other companies with similar backgrounds. This will open new insights in the minds and minds of these employees.

If the cost of this comparative study is too high, the company can work around this with just a mid level management. It would be better if added with employees who can be considered outstanding. This in addition to motivating other employees, also increases the authority of company policy later.


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