4 Advantages of Applying the Agile Method for Start Up


4 Advantages of Applying the Agile Method for Start Up

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The application of the agile method has a number of advantages over the waterfall method. Although, usually the methods applied in project work depend on needs. However, for start-up models, the agile method is better to use. Especially if the start up has a budget that is not too large at the beginning.

Know the Agile Method
Following its literal meaning which means agile, the agile method emphasizes agility and speed in making a start-up system. The main focus is on how to provide a fast and responsive user experience. Because, in the world of start up, speed becomes one of the key factors that determine publication.

With good publications, companies can first capture interest, even before the application is launched. From there, it is expected that there will be many interested people so that the start up will skyrocket. The faster the start up skyrocketed, the easier it is to attract angel investors to finance its development. Therefore, the application of agile methods is very suitable to facilitate this.

Excellence of Agile Method
From the glimpse above, the big points of the agile method can already be captured. However, to be detailed, there are at least 7 advantages compared to other agile methods.

1. Projects Can Be Released Faster
This is the main advantage of applying the agile method. By focusing on the main points, start-up projects can be released more quickly. And, in the world of start-ups, speed advantage can provide other advantages. Both in terms of publicity, and the flow of funds.

With that speed, companies can do branding as an expert, the best in the field. This will provide an opportunity to master the intended niche. By mastering a niche market from the start, the dominance of start-ups in that field will be quite difficult to shake.

2. Projects Are More Responsive To User Needs
The application of agile methods gives developers the freedom to add or replace features according to requirements. These requirements can come from user input or the results of backlog analysis with the development team. Both are important elements in getting feedback for system development.

The features developed from user input will certainly give satisfaction to that user. Users who find that the company is responsive to input, will certainly feel satisfied and more loyal. While the results of backlog analysis can be used to improve the speed and reliability of the start-up system.

Active user involvement is very important in running a start up. Because the main commodity from start up is Big Data. And, the big data is not collected by the developer itself, but inputted by the user. This system will maintain data to keep growing and getting bigger, which can then be processed and utilized as needed.

3. Intense Client and Deveoper Interaction
Projects originating from clients certainly require explanation and interaction to really suit the client’s wishes. The challenge, sometimes the client’s desires can not be explored at the beginning. It could be from the client’s explanation that is lacking or indeed because from the beginning the client has not thought about it. It could be, when in the middle of a project, the new client gets an idea.

With the implementation of the agile method, this will not be a problem. Because this method is incremental and iterative, the alias accommodates repeated additions. Thus, the idea that the client gets while working on a project in progress can be immediately applied.

In addition, this convenience also opens the possibility for the project to continue for a long period of time. This is certainly encouraging news because it means that there will continue to be projects to work on. Moreover, the longer the level of trust between customers and developers will be higher.

4. The Team Works with a Stable Speed
The application of incremental and iterative principles gives the team the flexibility to work at a measured pace. Unlike the case with the waterfall method which usually works at full speed and decreases with the completion of the project. Application of the agile method will encourage the team to work with a stable and measurable speed.

This steady speed is necessary so that the project can run smoothly. Because, the measured speed of development also provides flexibility in managing the budget. Thus, the budget can be saved and released only when needed. This is certainly different from the waterfall method that requires a lot of resources to be available from the start.


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