3 Reasons for Differences in Employee Salaries in One Division


3 Reasons for Differences in Employee Salaries in One Division

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Differences in employee salaries in the same division may sound strange, but in reality it does. In fact, there are often incidents of new employee salaries greater than senior employees who have worked there for a dozen years. Even though this employee sounds very absurd and unfair, there is certainly an explanation behind it.

The company actually will also try to treat its employees as fair as possible. Because, everyone realizes that injustice will have a bad effect on the company. Both in the short run, or in the long run, this creates a non-conducive situation. This is what the company is trying to avoid.

To understand this phenomenon further, it is necessary to understand the reasons for differences in employee salaries in one division. There are at least 7 reasons, which are as follows.

1. Education Level
In a company or agency, there will usually be privileges given to employees with a higher level of education. In addition to appreciation, it is clear that higher education holds wider potential for knowledge and insight. Their efforts to gain this insight are certainly worthy of appreciation.

Therefore, even though they are in the same division, it is possible for companies to provide higher salaries. In fact, it may not be necessary to wait a long time so that these people get promoted and promoted. Therefore, we often find employees taking weekend lecture classes to increase their education level.

2. Duties and Responsibilities
Differences in employee salaries in one division can also be determined from differences in duties and responsibilities. However, we understand that people in the same division have similar job descriptions. However, sometimes there are additional tasks that can only be done by people with certain skills.

Responsibility is also an important reason here. Because, the same division may have different layers of management. The supervisor level will certainly work with the main workers. In fact, the same level may receive a different salary because it oversees different numbers of employees.

From these two things, the company might consider giving a different salary. Because, the duties and responsibilities of different number of employees certainly have different values ​​in the eyes of the company.

3. Special Skills of Employees
Employee salary differences in one division can arise because of the special skills that the employee has. For example in the programming division. If there is only 1 person who can use a particular program language, it is natural to get a different salary. Because the responsibility will be more and more on related projects.

Therefore, it would be very good if every employee mastered a lot of things related to the division. Thus, companies can easily do task substitution without having to rely on several figures.


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