Contribution to the Company


Contribution to the Company

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The most obvious difference in employee salaries in one division is usually in the marketing division. It could also be in other divisions that have something in common, where performance is measured based on results. For marketing division, wages or commissions are usually determined based on turnover. The greater the turnover, the greater the salary earned.

In fact, not infrequently there are special additional bonuses when turnover reaches a certain nominal. This bonus can be in cash based on a percentage of turnover, or goods and services. Therefore, the marketing division is a very important division in the company.

This results-based salary payment model is actually the best method. Because the size and comparison will be clear between the costs incurred by the company with the results obtained. However, for some positions and divisions, this model certainly cannot be applied immediately.

Old Service
Accumulated time spent by employees to work in one company can be the basis for differences in salary of employees in one division. Employees who have long worked are often referred to as senior employees. Because the service is long enough, reaching dozens or decades, it is natural that the salary received is different.

Providing additional salaries for these employees can indeed have a positive impact on a conducive work atmosphere. Employees who have worked long enough feel valued and cared for so that they increase performance and loyalty. However, sometimes there are problems that can occur, especially if there are new recruits.

New recruits, let alone young workers, who are able to make a big contribution to the company can get a bigger salary. At a glance this is fair and fair, but for old employees, it can be painful. The reason is of course because they think that the company discriminates against them, even though it is only because of its contribution.

Therefore, companies need to explain in full payroll policies. It should also be clearly stated on the employee salary receipt. So employees can understand how the nominal salary in the receipt appears.

Piracy Results
Employee piracy is not something strange in a business environment. The term employee hijacking is used to describe the offer that the company gives so that the employee wants to move to the company. By plowing, the company does not need to train any more from new employees, which of course requires considerable time and costs.

A division that is often hijacked by employees, usually a research and development division, and a marketing division. These two divisions are the divisions that most influence the company’s profit. Research and development employees play a role in supplying the best products, while marketing plays the role of selling these products as much as possible.

Therefore, new hijacked employees often receive higher salaries and bonuses than others. Employee salary differences in one division must be made according to the contract offered by the company to the employee. Although it can invite dissatisfaction for other employees, if the contribution is equal, it will not be a problem.

This is a very negative reason, but still there. Recognized or not, sometimes there are companies that deliberately apply discrimination in their work systems. Discrimination occurs for a variety of reasons, ranging from gender, religion, race, to groups.

An example that has happened, is discrimination of male and female workers. In some companies, until now it still happens that meeting employees are paid less than men. Even for the same workload and duration.

There is also discrimination based on race, where certain ethnic groups or nations receive more salaries than others. Cases that have been crowded about the Chinese race, or Caucasians and Indian employees are even reported nationally. Things like this certainly have a bad impact on the company.

Other discrimination that often arises is usually related to family connections, aka nepotism. Where employees who still have family relationships with high-ranking company officials receive privileges. All of these discriminations ultimately bring damage and destruction to the company.


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